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Traditional Publishing opportunities with Bolide Publishing


Become an Author

Many a writer dreams of becoming a published author and at Bolide we strive to help you achieve that goal, whether you intend to self-publish or seek reprensentation via an agent. 

Publishing Options

Traditional Pubishing (Opens 2020)

Traditional publishing is the age-old process of getting a book deal, an advance, a contract, and remuneration via royalties. The book will be edited, receive professional interior and exterior design, and eventually go to market. There are no upfront costs for the author. 

Vanity Publishing

Vanity publishing is the process of publishing a book for the personal enjoyment of friends, family, and colleagues – not for market (if you intend to publish your book to market, you are, in fact, a self-publisher). The author takes on the full cost of vanity publishing.  

Unfortunately, there are a lot of vanity ‘publishers’ who claim to be traditional or hybrid publishers. They do no gatekeeping (assessment of marketability and standards) and will publish any and everything 

Self Publishing

Self-publishing is similar to vanity publishing in that the costs are the responsibility of the author, but unlike vanity publishing, the author intends to publish to market (to sell) and is therefore invested in high standards and marketability. A self-publishing author takes on (or hires out) all the roles performed by a traditional publisher (editing/cover design/marketing) and retains 100% of all profit from royalties. 

Our Process

Our process begins with an email enquiry and a discusion (via email) about your book and goals. Once this is complete we will provide a sample (if applicable) and a quote. Subject to your approval, a contract will be sent and work will be begin in accordance to the agreed schedule.


Individual Services






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Bolide Publishing

Bolide Publishing is the new trading name of Michelle Dunbar Editing Services.

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