The Bet (Ferryman Saga #0)

The Bet (Ferryman Saga #0)

Gods and Gambling just shouldn't mix

Dionysus and Hermes’ ill-fated late-night swim ends in a drunken bet that puts everybody’s future in jeopardy. The outcome hangs on the choices made by one mortal emperor. Charon discovers a sense of independence and, caught in the fallout, attempts to limit the damage. But when the Fae Courts intervene, and Zeus finds his power threatened by a representation from middle management, Yahweh takes advantage of his old adversary’s lack of attention.

Will Hermes and Dionysus make good on any of their promises? Will Zeus finally take his children in hand and stop them before they cost him everything? Most importantly, will anybody stick to the rules of the bet, without trying to twist them to their advantage?

Series: Ferryman Saga, Book 0
Genres: Fantasy, Mythology
Tag: All
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