The launch day for Inalienable is fast-approaching and we are still busy in the background checking the book for any remaining typos and formatting errors. It always surprises me how many slip through, despite each book going through developmental edits, content and line edits, as well as copy edits.

It reminds me of this meme:


After a final read, and determined to remove as many typos as possible, one of the last things I do before uploading the files is to run the manuscript through Grammarly and Prowritingaid.

Grammarly is the first one I use and is quite good at finding the occasional missing article or word, and pointing out if a word has been spelled in British, rather than American English. It can also catch speech marks that are, for some peculiar reason, the wrong way around (mainly around em-dashes).

Prowritingaid is useful for checking for a mix of curly/straight quotes (and fixing the issue). It does a lot more than this, of course, but that is what I use it for at this late stage.

The final, final step is to upload the file to KDP (for ebook distribution) and Ingram (for our paperbacks).


In the early days after a book is launched, some readers will contact us to report typos. We appreciate readers doing this, and all reported typos are checked and the files corrected (if they are actual typos, rather than stylistic choices).

On a final note, I would like to say a huge thank you to our alpha readers, beta readers, editors, and ARC readers who help us to produce each book to the highest possible quality.



Sally’s saved the Earth from another alien predator only to be rewarded with a jail cell. With her family threatened by the Agency if she doesn’t rat out Zander and Blayde, her only option to escape the Alliance is to plead ‘aliens’ in a court of law. At least at the Hill Institute for the Criminally Insane, she’ll have time to clear her mind and focus – on revenge.

Finding a way to break out of an institution and cross half the galaxy would be much easier if it weren’t for the midnight screams of terror and eerie doppelgangers lurking at the Hill. With the Agency too focused on capturing the siblings to actually protect the planet, it’s up to Sally to save the day.

Between murder-clown apparitions, alien advocacy groups, and a new translator with compulsive corporate branding, Sally’s got her work cut out for her. Too bad the best plan she can come up with amounts to faux-regicide with the help of an exasperated starship captain. Will she ever find the time to just Netflix and chill?

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** Inalienable will be available to purchase on Amazon from 8th March and the ebook included in Kindle Unlimited until early June.