I am in the process of planning my diary and availability for next year, so this is a call for provisional bookings, to try and pre-empt which months you will need and avoid you waiting in a three-four month queue for me to start.

From next year, I will only be editing three manuscripts a month. This is to allow me time to work on my own novel and other projects (I do four-six books a month at the present time, be it a first/last read through, or the actual edit). To date, in three years, I have edited 94 books, which averages out to just under three books a month, but as most of you know, I read the majority of them three times, and provide two full edits. That’s not to say I rush any of them because I don’t, I put a lot of hours into my work, and if I’m not editing one manuscript, I’m usually reading another.

During this year I have continued to work on my professional development. I joined the Editorial Freelancers Association and have taken their introductory, intermediate, and advanced developmental editing classes. Considering the fact I fell into developmental editing from beta reading, and have been editing without any specific training beyond my BA in English Literature with creative writing, and time spent on my own writing, I’m pleased to report that I’ve been doing rather well (and hope that doesn’t sound big-headed). Having a highly experienced developmental editor look over the manner in which I analyse a manuscript and provide advice has been a brilliant and a (mostly) positive experience. I know where I need to improve, and where I excel, and hopefully, all future edits will benefit from what I have learned over the last eleven weeks. I am, of course, continuing to read books and articles relating to the craft of writing.

I have also been looking at a much-neglected side of running a business, namely taking a step back and considering where I am, where I’ve been, and most importantly of all, where I want to ‘be’. To focus on this, I signed up for some intensive courses with Sharon Woodcock, who is a business coach and mindset mentor specialising in business mentoring. I have so far done Business Coaching, Business journalling, Bullet Journalling, and Content Creation (including a year-long program whereby I’ll receive support, prompts, and be totally motivated to keep up with everyone else). Although these are all things I could probably do myself, the prompts have made me think about aspects of my business from angles I would never have thought about. I’ve explored where my business is at the moment and identified short and long-term goals I would like to achieve, as well as identifying the skills and knowledge I need to achieve this. Sharon Woodcock is patient, motivating, and has opened my eyes to the possibilities of what I can achieve. She’s also encouraged me to make lists and write my thoughts down instead of keeping everything in my head.

Which brings me back to my first point: scheduling book editing.

My booking slots do fill up rather quickly and nobody wants to wait months for me to get started, so, if you have so much as an inkling of an idea of when your next book will be ready for editing, please do contact me. I don’t charge a fee to book a slot, only for the actual edit itself, and only in the days before I am about to start work. I am very nearly booked out as far as May. I can no longer afford to ‘squeeze’ an edit in, as it got me in a muddle during July, August, and September of last year. In 2018, it needs to be a case of first come, first served, or wait. I am flexible and accommodate as best I can, but there is only one of me, and only so much I can do in a week – at the moment – although I have plans in motion that might change that.

I would like to say a huge thank you to all my clients though. I have thoroughly enjoyed reading and editing every one of your books, and wish you all the success for the future, be it through self-publishing or approaching agents and publishing.

If you would like to contact me, please click here (contact page).