This morning I received two separate messages from two individuals I have given advice to over recent weeks. Both contacted me to explain that Guru Purnima is a day when teachers, mentors, and elders are thanked. It is a day celebrated by Hindus and Buddhists according to wikipedia.

Both individuals offered their thanks for the time I have given to their respective questions. One is a young woman interested in developmental editing, another a young man wishing to improve his writing skills and eventually publish.

I may work as a paid editor these days, but it isn’t always about the money – it’s about the moments when you find out that you have helped someone along a path they’ve chosen to take, or give them a smidgeon of confidence to carry on with something they doubted but care deeply about. It’s always lovely to hear from authors (and wannabe editors/beta-readers) that I have assisted in some small way; this has totally made my day.

So, to those two individuals, thank you for thinking of me on Guru Purnima.

(and if there is anyone I have edited for who fancies leaving me a testimonial – because I keep forgetting to ask – here is a link to my page: