Once upon a time, this publisher was very happy with old software from Serif called Page Plus. She created paperback interiors and loved the results and even designed templates she could pretty much just drop a text file into, tweak the front and back matter, and upload the finished file to KDP and/or Ingram.

It was simple, if glitchy, but she didn’t mind (so long as she remembered to save the file regularly as there was no autosave to rely on).

As with all good stories, a spanner was thrown into the works.

It came in the form of a new and improved piece of software called Affinity Publisher. The product description and glimpses of what it could do looked amazing, so this publisher, unable to resist shiny-looking new software (or gadgets for that matter) went ahead and bought it.


Since then, I’ve had a few attempts at trying to use it without much success (a fault on my part rather than the software as I can -sometimes – get set in my ways). I like to dive in and learn new software on the go, then get the hump when I can’t understand how something works. I also dislike watching ‘how-to’ videos (because I prefer written instuctions).

But… the time has come to stop sulking and whining about the differences between Publisher and Pageplus and sit down and learn to use it – I’ll even watch some ‘how-to’ videos (if I really have to).

I know this is wonderful product because I’ve seen evidence of what it can do in other author’s books. I’m sure that once I’ve learned all its secrets, I’ll be raving about just how good it is and I’ve already recommended it to others. Until then… I’m hitting the books (theoretically, as there is no physical book manual available for Publisher – I checked).

For anyone interested in purchasing Publisher, for a one-off price of £48.99, you can find it here: