Advancement in science and technology in our present day lives makes robotics within science fiction all the more real – whether it’s a child toy, an android or an evil legion of robots taking over the planet (think Terminator).

For this blog post, I shall concentrate on robots in the ‘human’ form.[divider]


On  25th January 1921, Karel Capek’s presented R.U.R (Rosumovi Univerzální Roboti). A play featuring cyborg (biological) like robots, who at first seem content to work for humans, but a revolt begins and their rebellion seeks to end humankind.

Sound familiar?

It should, robot forms advancing their intelligence, becoming discontent and destroying the Earth/Mankind seems to be quite a popular plot within science fiction:

by Philip K.Dick (Blade Runner inspiration)

by Jack Williamson

by Issac Asimov

by Daniel H. Wilson[divider]

Our imagination with regards to these complex robotic automatons doesn’t stop there though. In T.S.Barnett’s Warren makes life like automatons within a Victorian London setting and sells them for an ever increasing price. While his ethics slide, his secret lover, Ben, is a ‘moral compass.’ The problem being that his creations aren’t automatons at all but ‘Golems given life by witchcraft – and each one costs a human soul.‘[divider]





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