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Bolide Publishing is a small, independent publisher with an interest in all things science fiction and fantasy. Our mission statement is two-fold: to publish books that readers will find entertaining and engaging and want more of, and to help authors on their journey to becoming a published author. 

Different routes exist to publication and it is important to know the differences (and costs) of each:

Traditional Publishing

Traditional publishing is the age-old process of getting a book deal, an advance, a contract, and remuneration via royalties. The book will be edited, receive professional interior and exterior design, and eventually go to market. There are no upfront costs for the author. 

Vanity Publishing

Vanity publishing is the process of publishing a book for the personal enjoyment of friends, family, and colleagues – not for market (if you intend to publish your book to market, you are, in fact, a self-publisher). The author takes on the full cost of vanity publishing.  

Unfortunately, there are a lot of vanity ‘publishers’ who claim to be traditional or hybrid publishers. They do no gatekeeping (assessment of marketability and standards) and will publish any and everything presented to them – provided you have the means to pay for it.   

Partnership/Hybrid Publishing

Partnership/Hybrid publishing is cited as being a ‘half-way’ process between traditional publishing and self-publishing. The publisher and author share the cost of preparing a book for publication and the author’s royalty share will be higher than that of traditional publishing (50% upwards). 


Self-publishing is similar to vanity publishing in that the costs are the responsibility of the author, but unlike vanity publishing, the author intends to publish to market (to sell) and is therefore invested in high standards and marketability. A self-publishing author takes on (or hires out) all the roles performed by a traditional publisher (editing/cover design/marketing) and retains 100% of all profit from royalties. 

Whichever route you choose to employ, always – always – check their credentials/claims. For publishers (all types) you can check Writers Beware. For service providers (editing/covers/marketing), check out their testimonials and other works. For further informtion on assessing publishers and service providers click here (link to follow).

Bolide Publishing (including Asteri Press) follows the traditional model but we will consider hybrid (partnership) publishing on a case-by-case basis. Both options involve Bolide Publishing holding the rights to publish (not your copyright) for the term of the contract and renumerating the author via royalties.
**Please note that submissions for traditional publishing are not currently open**

The other side of our business involves providing services for self-publishing authors (or for those seeking agents/publication elsewhere). These services are provided under the trading name of Michelle Dunbar (external website) and there is no claim to printing rights and/or royalties when purchasing individual services or packages.

** Offering both traditional publishing and author services may appear to present a conflict of interest, but the two businesses are segregated. In our experience, authors tend to know if they are pursuing traditional publishing or opting for self-publishing. We are, however, open to questions, should you have any questions.**

Other services:

  • Copy Writing
  • Planning
  • Research
  • Developmental Editing
  • Cover Design
  • Promotional Design
  • Copy Editing
  • Coaching (writing)
  • WordPress Installation
  • Virtual Assistance
  • Author Platform Services
  • Manuscript Critiques
  • Interior Formatting
  • Amazon Uploads
  • Promotion
  • Newsletter Set-up
  • Beta Reading
  • Website Design

Further information:

Science Fiction and Fantasy Hub

The ‘hub’ is your space to share articles, reviews, advice, and of course, to promote your book (in a roundabout sort of way). I’m a great believer in sharing what I’ve learned with others and also learning from others. I would like the hub to grow into a resource-rich area that writers of science fiction and fantasy can dip into for information (and to share their own knowledge). For more information on this, please enter the hub via the image below:



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