A lot of thought and research went into the imprint names. I scoured through all the planets and multiple moon names to find something that wasn’t already a publishing imprint and that I liked the sound of. When I saw bolide and looked up its description I knew I had found my imprint name. After some lengthy research to reassure myself no one had beaten me to the name (as either a publishing press or a company), I purchased the domain ‘Bolide Publishing’.

bolide is an extremely hot meteor which explodes in the atmosphere, making quite the impact, I imagine. I, too, would like to make an impact, although it’s been a bit of a slow burn so far, we are moving in the right direction.

Asteri is Greek for ‘star’. I confess to doing very little research into this. One of our authors suggested it and explained its meaning. I repeated the checks I had carried out for Bolide and found that no one was using it within a publishing context so I purchased the domain ‘Asteri Press’.

Bolide Publishing is used to publish our science fiction books and Asteri Press for our fantasy books. There may be others in the future if there is a need to group a specific type of book beneath a brand, but I there are no plans to do this for the foreseeable future.