Aftermath by E.A. Copen is now available in paperback for a special new release price of $10.99/£8.99 (RRP $13.99/£12.99) as well as on ebook and kindle unlimited (subscription service). The ebook is also discounted at present from $3.99/£2.99 to $2.99/£1.99. Both formats will remain at a discount for the next seven days (offer expires: 5th February 2017).

Space Opera (with just a touch of military scifi) is a brand new genre for E.A. Copen and introduces us to Captain Timothy Val, an experienced soldier of the Senjelian army. It deals with themes such as betrayal, deception, and loyalty, as well as some political shenanigans.

Aftermath by E.A.CopenSoldier. Traitor. Savior.

In an empire where political power is everything, Captain Timothy Val wants one thing: to serve his empire with honor and distinction. But after a mission to quell a revolt goes terribly wrong, Timothy is branded a traitor and barely escapes with his life. His only hope of regaining his lost honor and clearing his family name rests in the hands of a senator planning to use him as the face of a revolution. With an intergalactic war looming and civil unrest spreading through the empire, Timothy must tread carefully. Assassins wait around every corner, and his new allies have made him powerful enemies, enemies that may not be entirely Human.

To save the empire, Timothy will have to betray every oath he’s ever taken.