We recently took the decision to sign up to KDP Select (Amazon’s exclusivity program for ebooks), more out of curiosity than anything. With the majority of our sales coming via Amazon, it made sense to give KDP Select a ‘go’.

For anyone unaware of Kindle Unlimited, it is a subscription-based service offered by Amazon, through which you can borrow (add to your Kindle) up to ten books at any one time (but only books included in the KDP Select program). In the UK, subscriptions cost £7.99 a month, although they offer a 30-day trial for anyone wishing to try it out.

It is ideal for voracious readers. For publishers, including self-published authors, it requires a ninety-day commitment and removing any ebook entering KDP Select from being listed by other sellers.

All of our books are currently available on Kindle Unlimited:

Starstruck by S.E. Anderson Alienation Aftermath by E.A.Copen