To celebrate the launch of S.E. Anderson first book, we have arranged a book release event on Facebook. From 12 pm (Eastern Standard Time) through to 10 pm, a variety of authors will be coming to support the launch of Starstruck. Ten authors will each host a one-hour slot. There will be discussions about a variety of books with a mix of genres, fun and games, and even some prizes. The grand prize is a signed paperback of Starstruck and a $10 Amazon gift card (proof of purchase required to enter). The pre-launch price of £1.99 will remain in effect until 7th May.

Supporting Authors:

12:00- KKantas AuthorAssist
1:00- S.E.Anderson
2:00- Jan Domagala
3.00- Madeline Dyer
4:00- Panda Johnson
5:00- Philipp Kessler
6:00- Cynthia Vespia
7:00- Andrew Mackay
8:00- R.R.Virdi
9:00- C.L.Cannon