Aftermath by E.A.CopenAftermath, book one of the Broken Empire series by E.A.Copen, will be launched on 30th January 2018. It follows the story of Timothy Valen, a captain in the Senjelian army, who has so far served his empire with distinction, but when a mission to quell a revolt goes terribly wrong, he is branded a traitor and barely escapes with his life.

With an intergalactic war looming and civil unrest spreading through the empire, Timothy must tread carefully. Assassins wait around every corner, and his new allies have made him powerful enemies—enemies that may not be entirely Human.

To save the empire, Timothy will have to betray every oath he’s ever taken.


Preorders for Aftermath are now available on Amazon, however, if you are a book blogger or reviewer, there is still time to sign up for an advance reader copy (ebook only). Aftermath has been edited, but it is still going through its final proofreading checks. Advance reader copies will be sent out in early January.

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